Life’s Better When We Pay It Forward

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Life’s Better When We Pay It Forward

As we walk through life, we encounter many people who affect our lives for better or worse. Some people we meet leave no impression at all.

How does your life affect others? Do you leave them better or worse than you found them or does your presence have no effect on them?

In life, we have the opportunity to make someone’s life better just by empathizing with them when they are having a difficult time or by paying forward help and support we received when we were in need.

What have others done for you that you found extremely helpful and moved you forward in your life? Did a neighbor bring a meal when your family was grieving? Did someone pay a bill anonymously when they knew you had been unable to work for a while?

How did you respond to these acts of kindness? Were you thankful or annoyed?

How you react to simple acts of kindness can be an indication of your innate selfishness or selflessness because most people are not geared to accept the charity of any sort. Why you might ask?

To accept the help of others, we must humble ourselves and admit, at that moment, we need help, and we cannot do it by ourselves. This acceptance is like when we were babies and needed our parents to feed us and change us.

We were helpless and our most vulnerable, and without our parents’ help, we would not have survived childhood. This helplessness can lead to selfishness because when we want or need something we pitch a fit until someone solves our problem for us even though we are capable of doing it ourselves.

Garth Brooks — The Change

As adults, if we continue acting as if the world revolves around us and the sun rises and sets in us, there is no way we can receive or give selflessly because we are innately selfish.

I can say that there was a period in my life that I felt like the sun rose and set in me, and I was a royal horse’s ass because life was all about me.

Nothing anyone did for me made a dent in this behavior, and my parents received the brunt of this selfishness during my teens and early twenties until a trip out west taught me that life is better when you pull in the same direction as others.

Teamwork, empathy, and support make life better when facing different life lessons and trials. When I finally learned this lesson, I crossed over the mountain of expecting everything on a silver platter to give of my time and my talents for the betterment of those around me. Amazing when that lesson took, how much happier I became.

Once you adopt an attitude of selflessness, it is amazing how small your problems look in comparison to those that others are facing on a daily basis.

When we take the time to observe, listen, empathize, and then unselfishly give of ourselves, it is incredible how much better the world can become for the beneficiaries of random and not so random acts of kindness.

What do you do on a daily basis to make someone else’s life better or pay it forward? Are you being the change you want to see in the world?

I look forward to interacting with you in the responses.

Author: Stan Cromlish

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